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Latvia Open 2006
PRESS – RELEASE about the 10-th international kickboxing championship «LATVIA OPEN 2006»

The 10th international kickboxing (WAKO) championship “Latvia Open 2006” took place on March 4 - 5 in the sport complex VEF. This championship was organized by the Latvian kickboxing federation (President V. Chernigov) in cooperation with “BUDO Centrs”. This schampionship was sanctioned by the Latvian Sport Department and World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO, prezident E. Falsoni).  134 sportsmen from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Holland participated in this event. Latvia was represented by 15 teams from different regions: “BUDO Centrs” (Riga, chief coach V. Chernigov, coaches N. Varenberg, D. Chernigov, two brothers V. and N. Grigorjevi, V. kidanov), “KIKERS” (Riga, coach O. Labasinskis), “BUDO-PANKRATION” (Riga, coach N. Strigin), “LTCS” (Riga, coach V. Semenkov), “EVOR” (Riga, coach N. Strigin), “ALFA GYM” (Riga, coach J. Rizikov), “SKITS” (livani, coach I. Kovchi), “FAVORITS” (Ventspils, president and coach I. Likov), “JCMC” (coach V. Sperlins,            J. Medvedev), “CENTRION” (Jurmala, coach M. Makejev), “DAUGAVA” (Daugavpils, coach V. Zaharov), “H. SPORTS” (Liepaja, coach G. Cikomasov), “PTP” (Riga, U. Berzins), “HVARAN” (Riga, coach R. Shenin). The Polish national kickboxing team, consisting of 30 persons from 9 clubs, was the biggest one on the event. There were three clubs from Lithuania (15 persons), three from Estonia (7 persons) and 5 persons from Holland. Due to the great number of sportsmen wishing to participate in the championship, the Board of the federation decided to make this championship for seniors only, and to hold another championship later this year for juniors and cadets. Fights took place in three disciplines: light-contact, full-contact and low-kick. This anniversary championship gathered the biggest number of top class fighters. The Polish national team is one of the five strongest kickboxing teams in the world. The keenest fighting could be observed between representatives of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.       
 In light-contact the winners are:

- 55 kg Gutowska Joanna Poland national Polish team
- 57 kg Porozovs Reinis  “BUDO Centrs”  coach V. Chernigov
- 63 kg Andrzej Macazek Poland national Polish team
- 69 kg Pušņakovs Nikolajs “SEDNA” coach V. Makusev
- 74 kg Jerzy Wronski Poland national Polish team
- 79 kg Matuja Robert Poland national Polish team
- 84 kg Rostkowski Konrad                                                            Poland national Polish team
- 89 kg Briedis Mairis „BUDO Centrs” coach V. Chernigov
Attention should be paid to Porozovs Reinis, the yongest winner in light-contact. Nikolajs Pusnakovs and Mairis Briedis once again confirmed their top kickboxing level. General fighting in this division was between sportsmen from Latvia and Poland. Unfortunately, we are a bit behind in this division.  

     In full-contact Latvian cempions are:

- 52 kg Maris Joeveer „BANZAI”, Estonia coach S. Ivanicev
- 60 kg Florek Monika Poland national Polish team
- 54 kg Krauklis Ilgvars “CENTRIONS” coach M. Makejev
- 57 kg Sidorovs Dainis “JCMC” coach V. Sperlins
- 63,5 kg Mikalausks Dolars “CENTRIONS” coach M. Makejev
- 67 kg Kovči Otto “SKITS”  coach I. Kovci
- 71 kg Nevolia Maksim „TITANIC», Lithuania coach V. Nevolja
- 81 kg Skripko Jurijs  “BUDO Centrs” coach V. Chernigov
- 86 kg Myslinski Wojciech Adam Poland national Polish team
+ 91 kg Michal Wszelak Poland national Polish team
In this discipline kickboxers who participated in the World and European championships reconfirmed their proficiency. 
Incredibly many sportsmen applied in the rigidest and most spectaculest discipline low-kick This discipline is rapidly developing in all countries. It is very much ahead of all martial arts owing to К-1 which is regularly broadcasted on Eurosport.
In this discipline the winners are:

- 60 kg Sidorovs Dainis  “JCMC”   Coach V. Sperlins
- 63,5 kg Tomczykowski Michal Poland national Polish team
- 67 kg Kobylanski Piotr Poland national Polish team
- 71 kg Pojoniševs Ruslans “Alfa Gym”   Coach J, Rizikov
- 75 kg Rafal Dudek Poland  national Polish team
- 81 kg Mironcevs Artjoms “BUDO-Pankration” Coach N. Strigin
- 86 kg Briedis Mairis „BUDO Centrs” Coach V. Chernigov
+ 91 kg Lapacinskis Sandris “BUDO Centrs”  Coach N. and V. Grigorjevi

Practically all fights were very spectacles and attractive. A half-final fight between the Latvian fighter Eduards Krauklis, European champion and World vice-champion, and World champion polish fighter Tomczykowski Michal, could be qualified as a fight to take place for any world championship. Audience could see there good technique, excellent tactics, very rigid direct kicks and punches. It was the fight of equal opponents. However, preference was granted to the polish fighter for more active kicking.
The final fight between World champion Kobylanski Piotr (130 fights, 99 wins) and sportsmen from “BUDO Centrs” Nils Borhards , who had two more preliminary fights, was also very attractive. In the equal fight the polish fighter won by decision of judges. In the weight category – 81 kg Artjom Mironcevs won all his three fight by KO. Sandris Lapacinskis also had won his fight with the Dutch kickboxer by KO.  
The best in this championship was Mairis Briedis in light-contact and low-kick. He got the prize for the best technique. Two prizes from Kenwood company was granted to two best teams – the Latvian team and the Polish one. 
Valerij Zaharov from Daugavpils, chief referee of the competition, held two WAKO seminars. The best Latvian judges are V. Zaharovs and V. Zajcevs.
Results: I - Latvia,  II – Poland, III – Lithuania, IV – Estonia, V – Holland. Counting wins among the Latvian clubs the result is as follows: I – “BUDO Centrs”, II – “Centrion” and III – “Sedna”.
Latvian picked team formed by results of this and next championship for juniors and cadets, will participate in the European championship in Macedonian and/or World championship in Croatia.
We are wishing further achievement and all the best to our sportsmen
Thank you for cooperation.
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